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Remote Scanning Solution

Screenshot of advertising for Terminal Works T S ScanAre you looking for a scanning solution for your remote connection? There are a lot of options out there that we have considered. We at Medical Data Rx have recently switched from RemoteScan to TerminalWorks’ TSScan product. We made the switch due to many factors including price, licensing, and overall reliability. Here is what we’ve found:

Remote Scanning Price

The cost of RemoteScan is on a per user basis with no unlimited option. TerminalWorks offers pricing options with an unlimited option (which most all our clients need) which saves our offices upwards of thousands of dollars depending on how many PCs need to have scanning functionality. Also, adding a PC in the future will not cost any more money. It’s a win/win. Even if you don’t need the unlimited option, TSScan is still a better option than RemoteScan.

Remote Scanning Licensing

Plain and simple, TSScan allows you to move licenses from one server to another if you decide to upgrade or if a server crashes. It’s quick and easy. RemoteScan does offer this as well, after several phone calls and a long wait time. But we prefer TerminalWorks and their ability to let us instantly do it ourselves with their web portal. It’s easier and quicker.

Remote Scanning Functionality

Isn’t this what really matters? With TSScan, we ran several test clients before making the switch, and we noticed no connection failures as opposed to RemoteScan’s occasional connection drops. No more restarting scan apps to get your scanning up and running again. Also, TSScan allows you to choose your scanner within your terminal session instead of minimizing your Remote Desktop Session and selecting your scanner from your desktop session. This saves a lot of time for clients using both ID Card Scanners and Document Scanners at the same workstation.

Overall, we are happy with our new scanning software, and we believe that you will be, too. Click here to see everything that TerminalWorks’ TSScan offers:

Updated February 2, 2018: For full disclosure, we have an affiliate program with the TerminalWorks company.  But, don’t worry, we’d highly recommend them anyway!

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