Here are a few of our key services:

Support Plans

Got a computer that won't boot up? A printer that won't print?  A scanner that won't scan?  Or a server that won't serve?  Tired of waiting for a return call from support?  Our support is available 24/7/365 with U.S. based support technicians that are simply the best.  You should receive a return call from us in under 30 minutes.  Through the use of remote access software, we can solve the majority of your issues right from our location.  Many times, we're on the problem PC and fixing the problem before you can put the phone down!  We have several monthly support plans available.  We also offer a per-incident support option.  Call now for more information.

Hosting Services

Tired of maintaining and backing up that server at your office?  Are you considering replacing it?  Is it stuffed in a hot, dusty closet?  Medical Data Rx offers hosting for your EHR.  That's right, you can be 'in the Cloud'.  Our hosting services include: 1.5 hours of support monthly, daily data backups, monthly full server backup, Microsoft SQL Standard, various editions of Microsoft Server... and we have the lowest rates around.  Additional features are available like Microsoft Office 365 and remote scanning.  Why not give us a call to see how we can craft a server for your specific needs?

Backup Services

Backup services have been offered by Medical Data Rx since 2001.  We work hard to make sure your backups complete.  If you receive a report of a failed backup or have any other concerns, a quick call to us will start us reviewing your backups.  We use redundant backups: one copy at your location, a second copy at ours.  With ransomware on the rise, backups are critical should you get infected.  In the event of a sudden loss of data due to a server failure or malware, we can even provide you with temporary access to your data using one of our in-house servers.  Why not see if we can help you sleep better at night?  Just give us a call.

About Us


Since 1992, Medical Data Rx has been providing its services and support to Healthcare Centers across the United States. We have developed partnership programs that alleviate many of the costs associated with Information Assurance and Technology Management; giving you the most efficient, affordable, and professional solutions using the latest cutting edge technology.

Every practice, large or small, typically needs the same base technology infrastructure, which includes information assurance, backups, computer workstations, network wiring, file servers, antivirus software, Internet access, e-mail and security.  Ensuring that these base systems are properly implemented and maintained is critical to any business. 


Hear what our customers have to say

When our MediNotes database got corrupted, we made one phone call and they delivered exactly what they promised. We got our database restored and everything was up and working within a few hours. We escaped a potential data disaster.

Dr. Hal Ornstein, DPM, FASPS, FAPWCA

Medical Director of Affiliated Foot and Ankle Center, LLP

When our server went down, we called and got connected to their offsite servers, and we were able to work for days while our hardware was getting repaired. They saved us a lot of wasted man hours, productivity and money.

Dr. Michael R. Joyce, DPM

Provider at Piedmont Foot Center

Our employee, after being fired, decided they would destroy the data on the server. Thank goodness our data was backed up. We called the office at 9:30 PM PST, which was 12:30 AM EST at their office, and we got the after-hours voice mail. We left a message thinking that it would be morning before we heard from anyone. To our surprise, a technician called us back within 15 minutes. We were back up and running the next morning in time to see patients as scheduled. The team at Medical Data Rx has this stuff down to a science.

Dr. Emily Nala, MD

The day we found Medical Data Rx was a wonderful day for our office. Courtney is always very prompt in returning our phone calls, understanding that any downtime is money lost. She listens to our problems in order to best determine what is wrong, unlike some companies that seem to not have time to listen - therefore misinterpreting the problem and wasting time and money trying to fix something that is not broken. Everyone at Medical Data Rx that we've done business with have been very friendly and accommodating, so we never hesitate to call them if we need some help. They truly make you feel like they are there just for you. Their pricing is also very reasonable. We don't panic like we did in the past if something goes wrong. It's great to be able to depend on Medical Data Rx, and to trust our computer system and valuable data with such a reliable company.

The Staff at Dr. Matz' Office

Matz Family Chiropractic Center - Dr. Conrad F. Matz, DC

Steve and the whole crew at Medical Data Rx are simply amazing.  Knowledgeable, friendly efficient...simply the best!!!  I know a lot of companies say they can backup your data, but this company has earned my loyal, lifetime support.

Here's my story:

I've had Medical Data Rx backup my data for years; one of those things you need for HIPAA, know another "cost of doing business" expense, or so I thought until Monday morning.  I come into the office, reviewing notes for the day's patients, and my computer dies...suddenly!!!!  Now we are transitioning to an EHR, and of course more than half my notes are on this computer.  Panic sets in...quickly!!!!  Thankfully, Steve comes to the rescue...takes the info he backs up every night, puts it on a new computer, installs all my necessary programs (for a small fee, my data transfer was FREE!!) ships it off, and I am up and running with new computer in 4 days!!!!  They checked-in to be sure everything is as it should be, and I am back like nothing ever happened.  I could have been up and running that day, but I needed the computer, and he had one.  I can't say enough good things about this company.  Thank you Steve, Kim, and the whole team.  Thank you, thank you thank you!!!!!

Dr. Sharon Treston-Magnacca, DPM

Board Certified in Podiatric Orthopedics and Primary Podiatric Medicine

If you want it done in a timely manner with expert expertise then Stephen Ludwig at Medical Data Rx is your best choice.  After many years working with Stephen, he still outshines any local IT group that we have tried.  He is not only knowledgeable, but has the patience to work with us non-techies without making us feel as inadequate as we really are 🙂  His staff is great, and it is a pleasure to do business with all of them.

Sue Smith

Office Manager at Northern Michigan Gastroenterology

Can't thank you enough for all the efforts put into getting us up and running once again.  For a writer, five days without a computer is an eternity!  Didn't realize how much I counted on Google and other websites for research.  Thanks also to Gage, who gave us a part of his evening, and to Dave, who gave up a part of his day off to assist us.  You guys are great!  All the best to each of you!

Lowell Thomas

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